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We will market each item of equipment or package of materials by the following methods for no charge other than a PRE-AGREED Sales Commission (Typically varying between 2.5% and 12.5% depending on overall sales value) on completion of a successful sale:

  • Networking to our existing Oil and Gas Industry company clients and customers.
  • Networking with other International Sales and Marketing companies if required.
  • Add details of the Sales Item to the Phoenix Project Engineering Website until a sale is achieved or we receive a request to remove the details by Owner at no charge.
  • Work with Operators, Contractors and Consultants to promote the use of ‘fit for purpose’ material and equipment – especially on ‘Fast Track’  or limited ‘CAPEX’ requirements.

We will require some or all of the following information in an electronic format:

  • Technical Specifications/Data sheets/General Arrangement Drawings/Sample Material Certificates (If applicable)
  • Age/Condition/Location/Storage/Preservation/Comprehensive photographs.

If required we will also organize and Project Manage international advertising by both magazine and web based marketing sites under the name of Phoenix Project Engineering at an agreed cost plus 15% if desired. Any enquiries will be filtered and developed until such time that inspection is required or an offer is forthcoming – at which point we will contact and discuss with the Seller.

To sell your New/Surplus/Used materials and equipment please email us sales@phoenix-project-eng.co.uk