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Latest News – 27/01/2019

  1.  We are looking for 8″ ID Dynamic Flexible Riser for Client in West Africa to connect WHP to FPSO in catenary configuration.
  2. We also require 2600m new surplus Control Umbilical with Hydraulic Fluid paths, Chemical Injection, Power & Signal, and Fibre Optic cables for UK North Sea Operator development in 90m Water Depth.
  3. See ‘Sales Items #15 – Generators’ for brand new Siemens SGT 300 Power Generation Packages and Pipeline Pumps from cancelled Project
  4. See ‘Sales Items #15 – Generators’ for a package of 10-off brand new Wartsila Diesel Generators purchased for a Mining Power House now cancelled project at half of original purchase price.
  5. See ‘Sales Items #03 – Marine & Mooring Equipment’ for immediately available one time used large package of Reeled Wire Rope c/w end sockets
  6. See ‘Sales Items #08 – Single Point Loading & Mooring Buoys’ for SBM refurbished in 2013 and Quayside stored and ready for immediate purchase
  7. Brand New 279MMBTU/Hr Steam Generator Packages x 2 Available for Downhole Steam Injection packed and ready for shipment